Happy July, Sierraloadites!

As we step into a new month, June has witnessed the emergence of fresh tunes that have made their mark on the music scene in Sierra Leone. While certain tracks continue to reign supreme on the music charts, others have swiftly gained popularity on playlists.

The collaboration between entertainers and musicians has yielded captivating soundtracks, propelling the current sonic trends.

To serve as a timestamp and acknowledge the significance of the specified period, Sierraloaded has meticulously curated a list of the most notable songs released in June 2023. This selection is based on various metrics gathered from Sierraloaded’s platform, including rankings, views, streams, and downloads.

Here are the standout songs that have been released thus far in June 2023.

10.  C-Joe – Money Ft. LXG (603 Downloads)

The song of the clubs, “Money,” by singer-songwriter Charles Joe Koroma, well known by his stage name C-Joe, features the unshakable musical ensemble LXG.

Humans have long sought for money as a dream and treasure. Because of their extreme poverty, many people lack respect.

In order to address these drawbacks of not being wealthy, C-Joe and LXG collaborated to create the song “money” as they keep struggling to make their dreams of becoming rich come to past.

Born C-Joe is the stage name of Sierra Leonean singer and composer Charles Joe Koroma, who currently resides in Sweden. His music is in the Afrobeats, reggae dancehall, and R&B/Hiphop genres.

Listening to this music will be enjoyable. Download and stream content.

9. Arkman – Slowly (658 Downloads)

Sierra Leonean hitmaker, Abdul Razak Kanu better known by his stage name “Arkman” has released his new single titled, ‘Slowly’.

Arkman is one of Sierra Leone’s most talented music makers who is known for constantly releasing hit songs over the years.

As he is known for dropping hits after hits, Arkman in this 2023 released his fans anticipated single ‘slowly.’
Go streaming and downloading and enjoy the delicious meal from your favourite act Arkman Woro Woro.

8. Abizzy – Burn (664 Downloads)

Abizzy, a well-known American-based singer from Sierra Leone who also won the 2022 All Works of Life (AWOL) Award, released a banga in 2023 called “burn.”

Your heart will definitely cut by his distinct voice and charm, leaving you craving more. His music is highly universal and has upbeat lyrics.

Abizzy has featured acts all around the world and is well-known globally thanks to his extensive experience in the field. His standing in the entertainment industry is a result of this and other factors.

Enjoy this music from his 2023 release, “Burn,” and give the artist credit for a job well done.

7. Shady Baby – So So Baddat (713 Downloads)

Legendary sierra Leonenen USA-based Artist Shadrack, popularly known as Shady Baby has unveiled his brand new 2023 song titled “so so Baddat.”

Shady baby, who has and is still marking his footprints in the entertainment industry on this song expressed his dismay over jealousy and envious minds among human beings over the success of the other.

Go listen to this song and enjoy the comeback of Shady baby.

6. Drizilik – Vote Ft Idris Elba (756 Downloads)

Renowned Sierra Leonean artist Benjamin Menelik George, popularly known as Drizilik, has once again joined forces with Sierra Leone-Hollywood superstar Idris Elba to unveil their latest collaboration titled “Vote,” just in time for the upcoming June 2023 elections.

This song is a must checked and could be added on your top 10 playlist.

Also note that amidst the controversies surrounding this upcoming election, it is a reminder to everyone to avoid engaging in any form of violence and to make informed choices when casting their votes.

5. Adfega – Compound (776 Downloads)

Since its debut, “Compound,” a song by Adfega, has become popular.

Wilbert created this masterpiece, which has an amapiano sound and motivational lyrics about events involving neighbors in the same compound.

Adfega described potential behaviors that might be displayed by people leaving the same area in this song.

Enjoy the compound, contrast it with your own or the one where you previously resided, and let us know what you think of Adfega’s compound.

4. Gangstar – Party (917 Downloads)

Sierra Leone born skillz 8figure features one of Sierra Leone trending act Boss La on a song titled “Gangster Party” which have been making air waves since it released.

Boss La has proven to be extraordinarily resilient and always ready to create great music for his listeners, regardless of the circumstance.

He has proven to us once more why he is referred to as the “King Kong” of the Sierra Leonean music scene.

Go check this collaboration and fill the skills of Skills 8figure and Boss LA.

3. Innocent – Notice (1,021 Downloads)

Innocent, alias Political Gina Musa, has produced “Notice Reloaded” in 2023 because many people believe that Innocent’s political song “Notice,” which was released during the 2007 presidential elections, played a significant role in taking down the government that was in power at the time (SLPP).

The opposition party (APC), inspired by this remixed song among other things, is now confident that it will retake power on June 24, 2023.

If Sierra Leone is to regain its pride and peace, the PAOPA government must be given notice, Innocent confidently and eloquently conveyed in this song.

Innocent was allegedly accused of turning down a sizable sum of money to perform a political song for the PAOPA 2023 campaign, according to the news that was circulating at the time. Many are praising Innocent for his conduct because of this.

Sweet songs never seize to come out from this country, The Land That We Love (Sierra Leone). Go check this and let’s know to Innocent’s claims against the PAOPA government.

2. LXG – Dem Say Ft Empress-P (9,754 Downloads)














LXG, a musical trio from Sierra Leone, and Empress P worked together on the song “Dem Say.”

Nega Don, Kass, and Pretty S make up the Sierra Leone-based musical trio L.X.G. Pretty S is the only female member of the group and has a fantastic singing voice. Their real names are Donphine Walker, Soloman Kass-Marrah, and Sarah Kanu.

Since its founding, the L.X.G group has been propelled to the forefront of the continent and has won countless awards on a national and international scale as a result of its excellent songs and entertaining stage productions.

LXG, who was on the cusp of greatness, decided to work with Empress P to create the song “Dem Say.”

Go streaming and downloading!!!

1. Kao-Denero – Upper Cut (47,015 Downloads)

As he unveiled his trending song before the election titled “1961,” the Ambassador and special envoy for entertainment has again showed his unwavering support and loyalty to the re-elected President of Sierra Leone with a song titled “upper cut.”

This melodious song was produced by DR Mo.

Go streaming and downloading, and enjoy Sierra Leone tunes Saful.