Innocent, alias Political Gina Musa, has produced “Notice Reloaded” in 2023 because many people believe that Innocent’s political song “Notice,” which was released during the 2007 presidential elections, played a significant role in taking down the government that was in power at the time (SLPP).

The opposition party (APC), inspired by this remixed song among other things, is now confident that it will retake power on June 24, 2023.

If Sierra Leone is to regain its pride and peace, the PAOPA government must be given notice, Innocent confidently and eloquently conveyed in this song.

Innocent was allegedly accused of turning down a sizable sum of money to perform a political song for the PAOPA 2023 campaign, according to the news that was circulating at the time. Many are praising Innocent for his conduct because of this.

Sweet songs never seize to come out from this country, The Land That We Love (Sierra Leone). Go check this and let’s know to Innocent’s claims against the PAOPA government.

Listen Below:-