The Sierra Leone’s People Party (SLPP) has in a press release condemned the increase in spat of hate speech and termed it as a threat to the country’s Nascent Democracy and peace.

Read full press release below;

The Sierra Leone Peoples Party has observed with grave concern an increase in the spate of hate speeches and incendiarism directed at the Mende tribe in particular. The Party deems this ugly development as a threat to our nascent democracy and an attempt to undermine the peace and tranquility of the state.

The Party unequivocally condemns all forms of hate speeches and incendiary statements that have the potential to provoke a certain set of people into reacting.

Anybody, politician or entertainer indulged in hate speeches is equally frowned at and wholely condemned. Freedom of speech has responsibilities that go with it. Using your freedom of speech to undermine the peace and stability of the state, cannot be overlooked.

Sierra Leone is a small country with inter-marriages being common place. Therefore, to preach tribalism against a particular ethnic group does not have space in our society and exposes the true nature of some so called leadership materials.

For far too long this practice has gone unaddressed but the recent spike in this sordid practice has necessitated a response. Even in opposition, in 2011, a certain Coachie Mansaray made disparaging remarks against Mendes and the SLPP before declaring for the then ruling APC in the presence of the former president Ernest Bai Koroma. Instead of condemning Mr. Mansaray for his unfortunate utterance, former President Ernest Bai Koroma and his APC caboodle clapped for him and hailed him.

A similar tribal slur against Mendes was made by the Mayor of Freetown City Council and not a single word of bashing came from her party people.

Just this week, the vanquished presidential aspirant of the main opposition APC Dr. Samura Kamara, was on tape directing tribal vitriolics against Mendes and the SLPP. The country has also witnessed press statements defending individuals from particular tribes who have breached national laws and facing the law, all with the intent of fanning tribal flames in the country.

This practice is unhealthy for the peace and stability of the state and should not be allowed to thrive. The interest of the country is paramount to the SLPP and should be above any tribal or indivdual interest.The SLPP government of President Bio has continued to rebrand the country and restore its lost glory. Sierra Leoneans should not allow a group of disillusioned people who think political power is their entitlement, to undermine the peace and security of the state.