The Executive Director of the  Patriotic Advocacy Network, Ansumana Keita, has on Friday 19th August,2022, bagged an award for his outstanding service to the development of young people in the country at the well of Parliament, Tower Hill, Freetown.

The award ceremony was organized by the Youths and Children Advocacy Panel(YACAP) after the 5th edition of the National Youth and Leadership Summit which was held at the well of Parliament on the same day.

Receiving the award, Ansumana Keita said that he was delighted to receive the award. “I was not expecting this, but it shows that young people really do appreciate my little service to this nation. So I’m delighted and humble to receive it,” he stated.

He commended YACAP for organizing such an event and called on young people to embrace their responsibilities in building their very self for progress and rendering services to this nation.

Ansumana Keita is a passionate change advocate, who leads the Patriotic Advocacy Network-Sierra Leone (PAN-SL). PAN-SL is one of the biggest advocacy organizations in Sierra Leone with over 1,000 members with branches in Freetown, Kenema, Bo, Makeni, Kono, Kabala, Mongor and Panguma and with school chapters in almost all major schools in the country.

He preaches and instils in Sierra Leoneans, especially young people, the spirit of loving Sierra Leone and putting her interest above else.

Adding to being the Executive Director of PAN-SL, Ansumana Keita is the Vice President of Law Society, Fourah Bay College, and the erstwhile President of the Albert Academy Alumni Association, FBC.

He is a recipient of the 20 Most Influential Muslim Youth Award. He holds a Diploma and Degree in Mass Communications, Fourah Bay College, and he is currently pursuing a Law Degree at the same university.

He is a very humble personality with determination and vision to make Sierra Leone a Better place.