President Julius Maada Bio outlined his visionary plans for enhancing agricultural productivity in Sierra Leone and sought partnerships during the recent FEED SALONE Roundtable Event, organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security, held on October 5, 2023.

President Bio’s speech highlighted his administration’s unwavering commitment to transforming agriculture into a thriving and sustainable sector capable of driving economic growth and reducing food insecurity. The event brought together stakeholders from government, industry, and the agricultural community to discuss strategies and foster collaboration.

President Bio says “Agriculture is the main stand of our economy, and my Government aims to build a resilient economy from the ground up, with agriculture as the core engine of growth. Therefore, we must till our arable land that is blessed with abundant water resources and ample sunshine for economic prosperity. In the next 5-years, through the FEED SALONE Programme, we aim to accelerate investments in the agriculture sector to ignite agricultural productivity, safeguard food security, and foster inclusive economic growth, laying the foundation for sustained prosperity. My Government seeks effective collaboration and partnership from key stakeholders, including the private sector, farmers, development partners, CSOs, NGOs, academia, research institutions, and donor agencies to achieve the overarching vision of the FEED SALONE Programme ~ FOOD SECURITY and SOVEREIGNTY.”

In addition, President Bio highlights the government’s five Goals of the FEED SALONE, which are,

  1. Reduce importation of our key staple food;

  2. Boost export earnings from our cash crops;

  3. Create jobs and rejuvenate the rural areas using agriculture as the driver of new growth, jobs and wealth creation;

  4. Reduce hunger and malnutrition; and

  5. Build resilience to economic shocks.

In conclusion, President Bio urged the key stakeholders to reconsider their approaches and adapt their efforts to realize the crucial goal of creating food security in Sierra Leone through creative and unconventional initiatives.