The Foundation of Islamic Information (SL) LTD (FOISIL) has announced the ninth edition of the National Quranic Memorization Competition.

This announcement was sent on Social media yesterday, the 2nd November, 2022, informing about the date for  registration and criteria for this year’s National Quranic Memorization Competition.

The registration for the 9th National Quranic Memorization Competition (NQMC), according to the post, will start Friday November 4th 2022 and will continue until Sunday December 4th 2022.

According  to FOISIL, the RAMADAN 1444 AH/2023 NQMC will be done in one level (whole Quran) and it will be in two folds of Female and Male categories, conducted separately on the same day and occasion. In each of these categories, a winner will be obtained, and such winner will be representing Sierra Leone in more advanced competitions at the international platform

Each region will be represented in all two categories of male and female. Therefore, two participants will be representing each of the five regions in the country.

The Female National Quranic Memorization Competition (FNQMC) has now been synchronized into the National Quranic Memorization Competition (NQMC), therefore, with this development, each region is expected to register male and female candidates.


-Candidate must be a Sierra Leonean.
-Candidate should register in the region he/she wants to represent.
– Candidate must have been a regular resident in his/her region at least one year before the time of registration.
-Must not be above 25 years of age
before Ramadan 1444/ 2023.
-Must present a national document to ascertain his/her nationality and age. Such documents may include: Passport, National ID card, voter ID card or birth certificate.
– candidate must have an acquaintance of attending a regional knockout stage and a subsequent scrutiny/vetting session.

Hard copies of registration forms can be obtained for free from FOISIL Regional Coordinators and focal persons across the country. Contact the below-listed persons for the available forms:

👉 Northwest Region: Sheikh Alie Kabba, Lungi-088004620
👉Northern Region: Sheikh Sulaiman Bah 078882051
👉Southern Region: Sheikh Dauda Tarawalie 034315412
👉Eastern Region: Sheikh Mansoor Jalloh 076538106
🤙🏾Eastern Region (Kono) Sheikh Ahmad 077221731
👉Western area (both urban and rural districts):. Sheikh Makka Bah 076813229


There will have to be knockout sessions at regional levels to determine the actual participants that will represent the various regions. Such knockouts are scheduled as indicated below:
👊 Northern, Northwestern, Southern and Eastern regions: 10th December, 2022. @10:00 AM. All knockouts will be conducted simultaneously in the regions and locations to be determined later.
👊 Western Area (rural and urban) FOISIL Office: December 11th, 2022 @10:00AM