The Deputy Minister of Information and communication Hon Solomon Jamiru has  headed a team comprising  NATCOM, Africell, Orange, Afcom, Orange Foundation, DSTV Addnois Abboud, AIM’s Integrated and a cross section of OEA and the school Authorities on the 30th March 2022.

The tour was an assessment t on school facilities (computer Laboratory, Staff Room for JSS and SSS, and the school Laboratory ) to see how best they as private and public sector can support In mending some of the above measured facilities.

In a short briefing after the conducted tour, there were commitments on the following areas:
work stations, internet facilities and DSTV for the staff rooms. To run Fiber connectivity in the school that will serve the facilities.

To re-run the computers, redo the electrification in the computer lab, replace CPUs and Armored cables, introduced projector and screen, provide internet for research work by the pupils and teachers.
Afcom pledged to send an assessment team to look at networking needs in the computer Lab and later on partner with STM foundation to train teachers.

At the school library, the team suggested for it to be use as computer lab and research center whiles the books will be maintained , it was therefore advised that, the school authorities tidy up the library, new tables be retained, obsolete items be discarded. Afcom promised to bring in carpenters to see what can be done.

*The rehabilitation and instillation of the science Laboratories is closely being considered by Africell Management and they promised to come back to the Association in the shortest possible time.

In a midterm plan, the team will look at solar power that will generate electricity in the established facilities. 20kva ups would be required and that is quite expensive.

In conclusion, the Deputy Minister Hon Solomon Jamiru Promised to follow up on all the commitments made.