Mr. Mustapha Gogra, the Regional Crime Officer South, Detective Superintendent of Police on Friday 2nd June 2023, held his first official engagement with all Divisional Crime and Non-Commission Officers (Crime/NCOs) in the Southern Region at the Regional Headquarters.

The meeting features were to have a briefing from each of the Crime and Non-Commission Officers of the different Divisions. Mr. Mustapha Gogra in his welcome speech expressed his thought on his work in the South as the Regional Crime Officer with a caliber of various Divisional Crime and Non-Commission Officers.

He said that the meeting was to have views from different Divisional Crime/NCOs in terms of successes and challenges and matters under Police Investigations in different Divisions.

(ASP) Guy Patrick Chicco-Lansana Bussu, the host Crime Officer Bo West Division, Detective Assistant Superintendent of Police mentioned the separation of the Investigation Branch (I.Branch) from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) as a challenge but now addressed with AIG Brima Kanneh and D/Supt; RCO Gogra.”I can only talk about a popular place called “Open Yie” that is normally involved in phone thefts, otherwise, my area of responsibility (AOR) is quiet and calm with no capital offenses reported,” said Guy Patrick.

Detective Inspector Abdulai J. Kebbie of the Moyamba Police Division said, “he is facing a serious challenge with the Judiciary at Moyamba for not complimenting the efforts of the Sierra Leone Police using the law books and away affirmed that, there is no major offense at the moment of reporting.”

Shortage of personnel and the lack of mobilities were amongst the challenges raised by other Divisional crime/Non-Commission Officers (Crime/NCOs) in the different Divisions.

The meeting ended after recommendations were made for same engagement to be held often to know the level crimes in the different Divisions in the South.