The Administrator of the United Brethren Churches (UBC), Rev. Justin Marva, who doubles as a popular Gospel Artist has produced a music album calling on Sierra Leoneans to give peace a chance.

Explaining to A-Z Newspaper about his Music Ministry, Rev Justin Marva said that “My music industry is doing well, I started it in 1984 and up to date people are appreciating me. My father and mother were Christians. I started going to church at an early age. I joined the choir and later became a choirmaster for my church. I later had to join a gospel band in Bo.

” Rev Marva said that the perception of people is that music industry has money but said he does not think so, as it has blessings but money is that music industry has money but said he does not think so, as it has blessings but money is also an additional blessing too”.

He added that when I enter the Music industry, my first was a big disappointment. I spend a million Leones and I got thirteen thousand Leones in 2005 as a new kid on the block.

” Rev Marva went on to say that when he got married he prepared an album.

“We had another launching and we had big money. We had something like seventeen million Leones at that time. We used it to buy land and used part of that money to construct the present dwelling place where we are now”, he explained.

“It has been so easy for me after I got my wife in the church and was part was a Pentecostal church, and she too has a very nice voice. Since I came into the music industry I have produced eight albums and this last one is making nine that has to do with giving peace a chance in Serra Leone”, he narrated.

“I produced the peace album because of the kind of message I hear from people on social media including Facebook, and Whatsapp. These negative statements are not good for our country. And is not good for the young people as we are very close to elections in 202, and if we do not preach peace we will be in chaos.

He said that “I am a grassroots pastor and gospel artist and most of my messages in the song are simple and clear and the people can relate with it very well. They are in the local languages. But I have decided to do all the peace songs in Krio, which is the local language that is widely used in the country by the majority of the people.”

He pointed out that “Krio is a general language that cuts across Sierra Leone. If you listen to the messages in the peace and put them into practice, I am quite sure there will be peace in the country and by extension a peaceful election in the 2023 general elections. Rev Marva said one of the songs is tilted ‘Give Peace a Chance and Le Wi Make alone.

Rev Marva said that ” before the elections you will see my wife going to every part of the elections preaching peace through the songs I have produced, adding that ‘I am looking forward to political actors and other institutions or organizations to always call on me to perform these meaningful peace songs across the country.”

He stated that “I am with the fullest conviction that after the people these messages they will change their mindset towards ensuring a peaceful nation. I am expecting the peace commission to have me on board they will change their mind mindset ensuring peaceful the on. I am expecting the peace commission to have me on board with their engagement in preaching peace in the nation. I want the organization/institution to have my songs so that they can be played where ever they go and my performance is also key if they need me to make more impact as I perform the songs and also talk to the people in person.”

The other track on the album he said is “Land that we love our country Sierra, which is talking about: do not ask what sierra Leone has done for you but what have done for Sierra Leone.”

Rev. Marva said that ” I have traveled over the world but Sierra Leone is the most peaceful country. With all my traveling around the world, I found out that we are unique as a country. This is the only country I have seen Muslims and Christians staying together. This is the country where we have intermarriages between the two largest tribes, which are Mende and Temne.”

He noted that “I am working on launching the Peace Album in December because I have an invitation from one Reggae Artist in England, who had heard about my songs and want to team up with me. After the launching, we will now move into every community to disseminate the message of peace through music”.

“I know after the launching I will be extremely busy because after politicians hear my music, they will call on me to join them peach. I know civil society organizations and the government will be interested in teaming up with me to ensure the peace message goes wide to the public”, he explained.

“I am working on the Peace Message video. I am starting it in September after the rains and it will be on both traditional and social media platforms. The audio is free and if you are interested to have it just send a message to me through the WhatsApp line. 076630190,” he said.