In a press release dated 7th July 2024, the Secretary General of the African First Ladies Peace Mission (AFLPM / MIPREDA) congratulated Sierra Leone’s First Lady Madam Fatima Bio on the successful signing into law of ground-breaking legislation, which prohibits child marriage, adding that such monumental achievement represents a significant forward stride in the protection of the rights of the girl child and their future in Sierra Leone.

According to the press release, the enactment of this law is a resolute commitment to safeguarding the well-being and rights of young girls, ensuring the opportunity to thrive and achieve their full potential.

“Ending child marriage in Sierra Leone sets a powerful precedent in Africa. It demonstrates the resolve to protect our young girls’ future and foster an environment to live and realize their dreams.”

The press release further encouraged other African Countries to emulate this inspiring and laudable achievement and to champion similar initiatives. It was revealed that Africa can collectively work towards a world where every girl is offered the opportunity to grow up free from the constraints of premature marriage and its associated challenges.

The press release also advocate for a renewed focus on the education of the girl child, stating that education is a cornerstone of peace and development in the society, and investing in the education of young girls is crucial for the sustained progress and prosperity of communities.

“An educated girl is empowered to make informed decision so, contribute to her 7th July 2024 community, and lead a life of dignity and fulfillment.”

“We commend the First Lady of Sierra Leone for her unwavering dedication to the cause of protecting and uplifting young girls. Her leadership and vision are an inspiration to us all.”