Notwithstanding the grand price of any reality TV show, the TV show creates a platform for other talents to be seen and known, brands to be sold to the world. With regards to this opportunities gained from the just concluded Housemates Salone Season 3 Reality TV show, Alice Hannah Kanjia has today met presidential adviser, John Oponjo Benjamin in her quest to sell her agriculture dream to partners and investors.

Agriculture as they say is the back bone for the development of any nation. Sierra Leone has faced many agricultural challenges over the years. This ranges from lack of funds to willingness of agricultural agents to work efficiently and effectively to produce food for the country.

Housemate Alice Kanjai who is sometimes called the sexiest farmer is making tours to reach out partners to invest in her dream of ‘Agriculture for a better nation’. Few days ago, after the Housemates show, the celebrity paid a visit to the Minister of Agriculture to explain her vision in the Agriculture sector of Sierra Leone and discuss ways to bring the vision to life for the betterment of the people of Sierra Leone.

Alice Hannah Kanjia is a Sierra Leonean with the vision of making the the Agricultural sector provide food for its citizens. She is a Blogger, brand Ambassador for betSalone, social media influencer, M.C etc. Despite all her skills in different aspects of life, the celebrity chose Agriculture as her career path.

During her stay in the Housemates Salone show, the sexiest celebrity farmer disclosed her contributions in her community on Agriculture. She disclosed huge plots of land she has invested in. He decision to Agriculture as a career path is to help build the sector and provide food for the country.

With this vision of Agriculture for a better nation, the farmer is on the move to to meet investors and partners to actualize her vision to life.