Police in Sierra Leone have granted bail to the Acting Publicity Secretary of the Opposition All People’s Congress, Sidi Yayah Tunis.

Sierraloaded reports that Sidi Yahya Tunis was released from detention on Thursday after spending two nights at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) for an interview with a popular radio station.


According to Awareness Times, Tunis  was detained on Tuesday February 8th 2022 following allegedly “inciting” statements he made over a widely listened radio station on Monday 7th February 2022.

The Inspector General of Police, Ambrose Sovula says Mr Tunis was “invited for questioning” after an interview he granted Radio Democracy yesterday with some of his statements deemed tantamount to “incitement”.

According to sources who saw him in detention, Tunis was detained in a cell without shoes on his feet and without supporting material to keep his trousers up his waistline. So he was forced to be using his hands to keep his trousers up from falling down.