Former High Commissioner to the UK and All People’s Congress (APC) Presidential candidate, Eddie Turay, who passed away on June 25th in the UK, was honored yesterday as the Chambers he once belonged to opened a book of condolence for the late man .

The event saw prominent figures in the legal and political spheres sharing their memories and expressing gratitude for the late Eddie Turay’s contributions.

Head of Chambers, Sulaiman Kabba, expressed deep appreciation for Eddie Turay, recalling his own experiences as a schoolboy visiting the Chambers and later becoming a pupil lawyer. Supreme Court Judge, Justice Alusine Sesay, recounted his early days at the same Chambers, where he and other notable Justices, including the current Chief Justice, were mentored. Former Attorney General Anthony Brewah shared his memories of being a pupil at the Chambers while Eddie Turay was deeply engrossed in his political journey, with the late lawyer Fio Edwards serving as his mentor.

Present Attorney General Mohamed Lamin Tarawalley also shared his encounter with Eddie Turay, highlighting how the late lawyer stood by his side in court during a legal battle against another esteemed legal figure, the late Osho Williams. Legal luminary Francis Gabbidon spoke about Eddie Turay’s kindness and the strong bond that existed between their families.

Former Attorney General Frank Kargbo, on behalf of the APC lawyers, shared stories about Eddie Turay’s political career, shedding light on the circumstances under which he became a parliamentarian under the APC.

The book of condolence was officially opened by the Attorney General, followed by Justice Browne Marke and several other judges and lawyers paying their respects. Eddie Turay had an illustrious legal and political career, serving as a Magistrate, a presidential candidate for the APC in the 1996 elections, a Member of Parliament for the APC, and Sierra Leone’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom.

Details regarding the funeral arrangements will be announced at a later date, but those who wish to express their sympathies can visit the Sanders Street Chambers for further information.

The passing of Eddie Turay marks the loss of a distinguished figure in the legal and political landscape of Sierra Leone, and his contributions to the nation will be remembered and cherished.