2023 APC Presidential Candidate Dr. Samura Kamara has paid a surprise visit to the Sierra Leonean business owners in the city of London on 6th May 2023.

The rationale behind his visit was to have positive engagements and dialogue with Sierra Leonean business owners in London, to identify their needs in the event that they have business in Sierra Leone or may want to expand there. He also gave a preview of the business friendly policies contained in his manifesto of the People.

Meanwhile, in his engagement with the business owners in London, he acknowledged the warm reception and love shown to him. He further revealed that the contribution of Sierra Leonean Diaspora is very high in terms of remittance and acknowledged their great contribution various ways to the development of a nation.

He further affirmed that he will continue to have positive engagements with them even after he becomes president, especially in areas of collaboration as they are key and valuable players in shaping and transforming the economy of Sierra Leone.

In London, Dr. Samura Kamara visited restaurants, barbing saloons, grocery stores, pharmacies, and other Sierra Leonean business in London, making him the first Sierra Leonean politician to do so.
Dubbed by Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad as the ‘next president’ of the nation, Dr. Samura Kamara, was cheerfully welcomed by hundreds of Sierra Leonean business owners and passersby in the streets of London – he first visited places like the Peckham community which houses over 90% of Sierra Leonean businesses and investments.

The Sierra Leonean business community in the city of London, appreciated the surprise visit from the Presidential Aspirant . They underscored that Dr. Samura Kamara is the first politician to ever pay them a visit of such nature, by stopping by each and every single shop and business place in the Peckham community and London as a whole.

I have never seen an individual like Samura Kamara, let alone a politician – one who cares for his people and is always looking for ways to make his people happy. The visit of Dr. Samura Kamara shows that he is truly ready to lead Sierra Leone and will positively transform the economic starvation of the nation”. Mohamed Medotosh revealed.

Madam Augusta of Swaizie Enterprises called on Dr. Samura Kamara to look into the trade industry and pay more attention on entrepreneurship as it is the fabric and foundation on which any developed nation stands.

They also emphasized that the visit of Dr. Samura Kamara symbolizes unity, national cohesion, and the readiness of Samura Kamara to rule and transform Sierra Leone for the better. They called on Sierra Leoneans back home to choose the right leader and vote for Dr. Samura Kamara, as he is a leader that wants to unite Sierra Leone and take the country to a new positive trajectory.