True love as they say can never be found where it does not exist nor can it hide where it exist. As their love clocks to nine years since both took in their promises to love and care for each other, The First Lady of the Republic of Sierra Leone Madam Fatima Bio today celebrates nine years anniversary with her husband President Bio.

It is undoubtedly true that Fatima Bio among other First Ladies around the world has been on topnotch when it comes to expressing her feelings and undying love for her husband President Bio.

She has been spotted on countless occasions on TikTok videos expressing her love for the President of Sierra Leone. On other videos, both would be dancing together and showing what is means to have peace of mind in a relationship.

It has never been easy in any relationship but the first family of Sierra Leone, Bio Family has always been showing Sierra Leoneans the true meaning of happiness in marital homes amidst other challenges they face.

On a video that surfaced the web a fortnight ago, expressed unscripted words that came deep down her heart for her husband for as they say emotions can never hide.

“Mr. President my dearest husband, I want to tell you that I Love You and to tell you Thank You, Thank You!” she said.

All these affections from the First Lady, showed how really she has been into the President over these years. On her page, she explained how nine years ago she was probed with the question that every woman wishes to hear from the man. She continued that she answered the proposal and they have been into each other since then.

With the uncountable love she receives day after day being with the President Maada Bio, Fatima took to thank the her husband for the care and keeping her heart healthy in love and in joy all these years.

Nine years ago U asked me to marry U with one condition 2love and care 4 me till eternity and I said yes. Thank U Julius Maada Bio for keeping my heart healthy in love and in joy. May Allah keep us safe together and forever. Happy Anniversary to US. I love U,” She expressed.

Happy nine years anniversary to The First Lady Fatima Bio and The First Gentle Man in Sierra Leone President Maada Bio…