The First Lady of Sierra Leone, Fatima Maada Bio has expressed a heart of gratitude to her husband, President Julius Maada Bio for supporting her career as an actress even after getting married to him.

It would be recalled that Fatima was an actress, Script Writer, executive producer and a multi award winning face of Nollywood industry before getting married to President Bio.

“I thought he will not allow me work as an actress”, Faitma said. But her fears was allayed by her Man whom described as one “that believes in gender equality”.

Although Maada and Fatima Bio recently tied the knot in an elaborate wedding in Freetown, both couples first got married in Britian in 2013 before the former Army General and SLPP leader became President of Sierra Leone.

While sharing a photo of her at the stage of a 2014 movie titled “The Soul”, Fatima wrote:

“On this particular scene I was a widow fighting to survive cancer after been abandoned by my late husband’s family. so I was left with no choice but to go out and sell for my six kids to have food to eat while I continue to fight to save my life.

“A lot of women go through this kind of history around the world. “Stop The Abuse On Women” the world will only become a safe heaven if and when Men see’s us as Partners. #HandsOffOurGirls.”

Fatima Bio is at the frontline of the #HandsOffOurGirls campaign in Sierra Leone aimed at getting rid of gender based violence against girls and women in the country. Her campaign has attracted prominent personalities from the continent and across the World.