Recalling the social media saga going on between Musa, Hawa and Julie Tombo, social media queen and wife of Leone Stars striker Musa Tombo, Hawa Tombo has on social media threw shots on her alleged rival Julie Tombo on the claims that,  Julie Tombo hasn’t nothing to do with Musa.

These shots surfaced the media recently after an interviewed of Julie Tombo with popular Facebook blogger, social media influencer and advertiser Hawanatu Konneh with regards to a video that surface the web, with Julie Tombo alleged to fight over a man.

Seeing this video on social media drew attention of fans and supporters of Julie Tombo having different perspective as to her reactions on the video. Few days after the video surfaced, the contestant was interviewed by Hawanatu Konneh and she explained her own side of the story.

Among others who saw the video was Hawa Tombo, and she reacted with laughter. This according to emoji which expressed her feelings on her behalf explains that she was ecstatic at seeing Julie Tombo fighting over a man in the United States. This could be because of the trauma the contestant had put in her marriage relationship with her husband Musa Tombo.

On her Facebook post yesterday, the social media drama queen, Hawa Tombo sent insulting statements that could trigger the Julie Tombo into a virtual fight between them. According to Hawa, she made it clear that despite whatever that had transpired between Musa and Julie Tombo, that will not disturb her marriage life with Musa. “Or you be ever feel say ar go lef am because you fuck am?” (Apologies for the language), she posted.

On her recent throw to Julie, Hawa claimed of Julie to have said she didn’t want Musa and yet she has gone too low and cheap to allow her husband sleep with her. “Aunty you nor want me man but you cheap so low for allow me man fuck you” she blasted on her page.

These posts by Hawa were mixed with different reactions from fans and supporters of both parties. Others who think that despite all the handsome guys in Freetown, Julie chose Musa who is a married man already and that, whatever the result she gets, she deserved it.

On the other side of the coin,  there were also claims  that Julie Tombo never had an intention of Musa and that Musa Tombo has been stocking on Julie Tombo since she arrived in Sierra Leone for her Housemates audition.