Sierra Leone Delegation led by Hon. Vice President Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Juldeh has paid  a working visit on Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and Health Insurance in Senegal.  The delegation Visited two regional hospitals in foundiougne and Touba that are implementing health insurance schemes.

At foundiougne, the vice president and his delegation had an engagement with officials of the Sokone Health District Center. The Sokone health District was established in 1991. It’s located in the Fatick region, more precisely in the department of Foundiougne.It occupied and area of 167,401 inhabitants and the center operates an innovative model of inspiration for UHC and health insurance.

Foundiougne has eight doctors, two dentists, four health center with several health posts. They have a proper management that overseas the distribution of drugs and an improved financial management system that operates a one stop shop.

The health center works within the framework of decentralization where the Mayor is a member of the board and also it is geared towards improving the health coverage of their inhabitants. In as much as the implementation of the scheme helps house holds, there is involvement of religious and traditional leaders, female groups and the health care workers.

Ndeye Binta Mbow, Director of Sokone Health District laid emphasis on their professional staff and Management structures with clear cut roles and responsibilities. She also explained about contributions from indigenes towards the health care scheme that caters for vulnerable people.

The delegation was also received by Dr. Moustapha Sourral the Director of the hospital Cheikh Amadou Babam in Touba.The construction of this hospital which began in January 2019 is a state of the arts 300 beds. The facility is fully equipped for general surgery intensive care and sterilization