Madina Town in Tonko Limba Chiefdom Gets Electricity For The First Time in 45 Years

The Minister of Energy Alhaji Kanja Sesay has symbolically switched on the solar mini-grid in Tankoro chiefdom, Madina town, Kambia district on 24th July, 2021.

Speaking at the program, Minister of Energy Kanja Sesay informed those gathered that this program is part of the rural renewable energy project sponsored by the Department for International Development (DFID) to the tune of forty-nine million dollars ($49,000,000) for ninety-nine communities and divided into two phases as a result of the number of communities.

He continued that the first phase was fifty-four communities, already completed and handed over to three private operators with Power Leone covering the North.

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He added that Madina is part of an initial forty-four communities comprising of larger areas but with one more community added, now totaling forty-five communities. During this phase two, government providing materials and private companies assembled and are overseeing the implementation and operation of the grids. The electricity supply he guaranteed will be 24hours uninterruptedly.

Community Liaison of Leone Power Maseray Fofanah commended Minister and team for such an opportunity and outlined that under the rural renewable energy project, their company is powering twenty for (24) communities, with two hundred and forty-two customers registered for their service in Madina Town, Kambia.

Paramount Chief Alimamy Bombolahai Korgba IV thanked the government for bringing electricity to their town after forty-five years of going without electricity and admonished all resident to safeguard against vandals who might seek to spoil their much-awaited blessing.

Manager Morkoni Guest House Musa Kamara expressed gratitude for their mini-grid, as he recounts that he previously spent Hundreds of thousands of Leones on generator fuel which supplied less than satisfactory power and had to be limited. However, he says with this mini-grid his establishment that he manages as well as his home are benefitting immensely at a reduced cost.

Salamatu Bangura a resident profusely thanked government and partners for what she tagged as an unbelievable achievement in such as short time with several personal and business benefits to her.

Source: Sarah Kallay

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