Sierra Leonean workers at Milla Group have accused Indian nationals of torturing some of their colleagues.

Sierra Leonean workers held a strike on Monday 20, 2021 following continuous alleged torturing of some of their colleagues. They explained that some of their colleagues who were accused of stealing at some point were taken to a certain place called “Benghazi” where they were allegedly tortured.

“Why should they beat and torture our colleagues for stealing?”, one of the workers explained, adding that “If our colleagues steal, sack them or call the police, but don’t torture them as if they are criminals.”

“That was how one of our colleagues was beaten and one of his ribs broken”, another work complained.

In the course of a peaceful strike on Monday, workers said they will not work until Milla Group explained to them about the allegation of torture.

In an attempt to disperse the workers, the Sierra Leone police fired teargas at the workers, causing chaos in the vicinity.