As the Minister of Information And Civic Education Designate, Chernor Bah And Deputy Keketoma Sandi prepare to take up their responsibility into the new office and mandate after vetting from the committee in parliament recently, the former minister, Mohamed Rahman Swaray and deputy Solomon Jamiru bade farewell to the staff at the ministry.

The outgoing ministers shared insight and called on the new ministers to continue the good work they have started for the growth and development of the nation as well as wishing them well in their new mandate.

In his statement, the former minister, Mohamed Rahman Swaray outlined the key challenges and successes they envisage in their tenure as minister in the ministry. He said the accomplishments are in line with the ministry’s mandate and commitment outlined in the new direction manifesto and the national development plan.

He maintained that he is leaving but can still be of help as and when the need arises.

In his key achievements he made mentioned of the Repeal of the 1965 Public Order Act, establishment of the strategic communications unit, enhance community engagement and the popularization of the commissions of inquiry (COI), national media viability and investment conference, national fund for public interest media with collaboration with SLAJ and the rebooting of the Sierra Leone News Agency, community radio pilot project, press conferences and town hall meetings, capacity strengthening of SLBC, annual subventions to SLAJ, right to access information regulation, IMC Act and regulations, government printing press etc.

Swaray said the availability of timely fund among other things was one of his key challenges.

He called on the ministers to work on these and even add more as he wished them well.

The former minister of information and communication is now the new Minister of Employment and Social Security and his deputy minister, Solomon Jamiru as the press secretary respectively.