Music Mogul and founder of Kemzo Entertainment, Julius Kemzo popularly known ‘Kemzo’ has said that the development of Sierra Leone through entertainment is the major motivation behind his exploits in the entertainment industry.

In a recent interview, the music Producer disclosed that his company, Kemzo entertainment has consistently powered Sierra Leone entertainment industry for almost two decades.

Kemzo lamented the state of the Entertainment industry in the country, adding that he decided to ply his trade in the music sector against the wish of his African parents who wanted him to become a Lawyer or Doctor.

“My interest in the entertainment business is not to only to promote musicians and the entertainment industry but also to develop the country as well”, Kemzo said.

“Music was my passion but my African parents had wanted me to be a lawyer or a doctor. But my dreams calls for entertainment even though I went to university and acquired my degree,” he said.

Narrating his rise to stardom, Kemzo said he started his career as a Disc Jockey at the age of 18 in England.

“I have worked as a DJ in most of the biggest radio stations and clubs in England, and I also own a night club in London.

“Having plied the Entertainment trade for years and mastered the game, the only thing I could give to my motherland as an international DJ by then was to help promote its musicians and entertainment industry.”, he said.

Kemzo added that his efforts has paid off in promoting Sierra Leonean music producers like Lord Mo, J. Bangs and Wilbert came through Magic Studio and Artistes like Innocent, Decent, Buberry, East Life, Shuiabu, LXG and many more who had come through his Kemzo Entertainment music label.

When asked the secret to his successes, he said, “I give everything to my artists to enable them to do their best,”