The National Youth Commission has collaborated with the National Youth Service to engage the Resident Representative of UNDP in a meeting through the  Ministry of Youths Affairs in the country.

The meeting focused on building the trust and strengthening the long-existing partnership between the UNDP in Sierra Leone and the Youth sector and the better understanding of achieving the 2023 Youth Strategy which entails employment of young people in different sectors, capacity building, partnership, diplomatic relations, and complimenting President Bio’s Big 5 agenda.

Fredrick Hans Ampiah, the UNDP resident representative in his statement maintained that, the UNDP will continue working with the youth sector to procreate a robust portfolio. He added that they will be mobilizing additional resources as well as bringing other partners on board when the need arises.

The Minister of Youth Affairs, Mohamed Orman Bangura delved on the progress which the ministry has done and still doing in making sure that, the affairs of youths in country is taken as a priority, adding that, the youth status report has been very encouraging as they are working towards building a new system of operation wherein all heads of the Youth Sector will be working closely with the UNDP in achieving the President’s passion for supporting human capital development.

The Commissioner of the National Youth Commission, Ahamed Atta Mansaray lauded the UNDP for playing a pivotal role in the growth of the Commission over the years as he recalls some of the key projects funded by the UNDP like the Obasanjo’s skills training Centre and young women in businesses among others.

He further urges his compatriots to look into the area of entrepreneurship and how best they can work towards helping young people without support from the government and partners.

While noting the role the National Youth Service has been playing in ensuring youth Corps become very useful to employers even after youth service, Director Onana Jalloh reassured the UNDP that the whole youth sector will be working together as a team as was communicated by the commission.