The Native Consortium and Research Center has called on the public and the Petroleum Regulation Agency (PRA) to make sure that there is a fair price for the sale of fuel in the country as consequences of the Russia-Ukraine emerge.

MCRC released this notice today in response to rumours that fuel prices will go up due to the war between Russia and Ukraine.

“The NCRC wish to inform the general public and the PRA that we are not oblivious of the Russia and Ukraine war that has led to the sharp increase in the price of crude to $ 100 US per barrel. At a time when the price increased to $70 US Dollars the local increase of the pump price per liter was to Le10,000,” they stated.

NCRC added that, “However, we have heard talk that some Marketers are pushing for Le14,000 or Le 15,000 per liter.”

The NCRC stated that the increase is inevitable but it should ideally be within the range of Le11,500 or a midway, adding that, the PRA should remove the additional tax on tanker from the jetty.

The Consortium further stated that they opposed the new tax the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wants to impose on underground tanks for fuel dealers, noting that these additional taxes will add more pressure on the dealers.

“We are calling on the PRA to have an honest dialogue between the NCRC, the Dealers Union and the PRA for a win-win outcome,” they stated.

The NCRC also reminded the PRA that some dealers are still creating artificial scarcity in the provinces which cause discomfort to consumers, and Bo has come under the spotlight for this pattern.

The NCRC went on to thank the Ministry of Trade for the clamp down on traders in building materials.

“We see this approach as a fire brigade approach as the Building materials prices are still high. We demand for a price schedule to be popularized especially for those selling in the provinces,” they added.