National Election Watch (NEW) has released a statement on the voter registration process and profound solutions to some of the challenges faced during the process and called for the extension of time.

NEW is a nongovernmental organization that focuses on election-related matters.

In its press statement, NEW starts by stating that the organization is concerned that documentary proof left many adults unregistered.

It also stated that many rejections were made in registration centers, especially in the Western Area.

The public release also stated that there were many referrals to the NCRA for verifications which discourage many for not participating in the process.

The issue of first-time voters was a major concern stated in the press release. It states that first-time voters in the western Area we’re faced with numerous challenges as it was not the same case in the provinces.

The issue of lockdown was also in Bo, Kenema, and Port Loko was also mentioned which is referred to as a serious human rights implication and is contrary to the law.

It ends by profounding recommendations to the ECSL stressing the extension of time for phase two centers and the issue around documentation impending registrants must first be addressed.