The Communication Officer of the 21 Man Interim Transitional Governance Committee (ITGC) of the main opposition All Peoples Congress (APC), Suliaman Bumneh Kamara has dis closed that the party is planning to hold the much anticipated National Delegates Convention (NDC) in November this year, just six months ahead of the forth coming 2023 multitler elections.

The holding of this convention is one of the rulings of the High Court, follow ing the petition filed by Alfred Peter Conteh who is currently the Chairman of the 21-Man ITGC.
While recently updating a cross section of the media about of the media about some of the developments and activities of the Committee, Suliaman Bumneh Kamara stated that the forthcoming Convention is expected to take place two weeks after the conclusion of the internal lower-level elections to I choose Ward, Constituency, District, 21-March – Regional and the National Executive Officers, which will see the new ex- Register excutive taking over.

He furthered that based on the current timeline, the internal lower-level elections will commence by mid September and is expected to last up till the end of
October. Suliaman Bumneh Kamara also revealed that the upcoming APC NDC will be different from all other conventions as it will be the first under the party’s new Constitution and will witness elections for a both national officers and the APC 2023 t presidential flagbearer.

He further disclosed that currently the is 21-Man Committee is waiting for the final response from the Political Parties a Registration Commission (PPRC) regarding the gazetted new election rules and regulations put together lately in order to continue with all the other activities handed down by Justice Adrian th Fisher in his April 28, 2022 court ruling.
He continued that the Committee is expecting the gazetting period to end on 11th August, 2022 when PPRC will either approve the document or forward all the concerns to the 21-Man Committee that will spend additional two weeks to either get a mutual understanding on the issues raised or rectify the issues before the document will be re-gazetted.

Bumneh Kamara furthered noted that after completing all the PPRC process, the 21-Man Team will also look at other issues like the unresolved membership issues and the financial audit reporting.

According to him, the team will look at unresolved membership issues including the one regarding the former Vice President Chief Alhaji Sam Sumana, adding that it is likely that these issues may be addressed before the holding of the National Delegates Convention