Former Chief Superintendent of the Sierra Leonean Police, who had sought refuge in Liberia after being dismissed, has been apprehended by the Liberia National Police.

FrontPageAfrica reports that the arrest was made in response to a request from Sierra Leonean President Julius Maada Bio, who has accused the ex-police officer of being involved in a recently foiled coup plot.

The former police officer in question, Chief Superintendent Mohammed Yaetey Turay, had been residing in Liberia since March 2022, following his dismissal from the Sierra Leone Police in May 2020. He was one of several officers who faced dismissals, while others were compelled into retirement. The dismissals had raised concerns and criticism from various quarters, with some attributing them to ethnic differences.

Chief Superintendent Turay’s daughter-in-law, Juliana Turay, revealed that she attempted to provide him with food during a visit to the Liberia National Police headquarters on Sunday. However, authorities reportedly declined her request, indicating that they were not permitting any contact with him. The grounds for his arrest were related to allegations of his involvement in a coup plot against the Sierra Leonean government.

Juliana Turay defended her father-in-law’s innocence, asserting that he had not returned to Sierra Leone since arriving in Liberia in March 2022.

She highlighted that he had only traveled to Ghana once to visit his grandchildren and had remained in Liberia ever since.

Despite the allegations, she stated that no concrete evidence had been presented by the Liberia National Police to support the accusation.

There are concerns about Chief Superintendent Turay’s safety should he be extradited to Sierra Leone. His daughter-in-law appealed to the Liberian government to retain him in Liberia and monitor his situation closely.

FrontPageAfrica reported that they attempted to reach out to the Spokesman of the Liberia National Police for comments, but calls went unanswered throughout Sunday.

This recent development follows an announcement from the Sierra Leonean Police indicating that certain senior military officers were plotting to disrupt peace and stability within the state.

According to a press release by the Sierra Leone Police, preliminary investigations suggest that these officers had planned to use purported peaceful protests between August 7 to 10 as a cover for launching violent attacks against state institutions and civilians.