If information available to Sierraloaded is anything to go by, there is high indication that President of Sierra Leone, Ernest Bai Koroma might be involved in KONGOSA scandal

Makoni Times few days ago reported that The President has been been mentioned in a KONGOSA scandal against the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Franklyn Kargbo.

According to the article, “This was revealed in a letter addressed to Franklyn Kargbo by former friend and political ally of President Koroma, Charles Margai. In the letter dated 14th August 2015 Lawyer Charles Margai publicly revealed that President Koroma has gossiped (kongosa or talk about) his Attorney General to him. He wrote ‘When i spoke to Mr. President some time ago about your incompetence, his reply was apt. As the conversation between him and I was confidential, I shall refrain from divulging what was said.”

The MAKONI TIMES reasoned that “When Charles Margai stated in the letter that the President’s reply was “apt” he meant that the reply of the President was appropriate supporting his view that the Attorney General was incompetent ” and concluded that “If it is true that President Koroma has been involved in gossiping members of his cabinet it will be the first time a president is involved in Kongosa Scandal.”

However, in latest development, Cocorioko Publisher Rev. Leeroy Wilfred Kabs-Kanu has said that the Publication is “a complete misrepresentation of the President”

“..When you meet President Koroma in person, you will know that he is not that kind of person. He listens more than talk. I have known him for over 40 years when we were yet teenagers at Fourah Bay College . He is not a talkative. He is a very quiet man, with his own mind. People who have lived with him will disagree with me on one thousand things but they will be quick to agree with me about this–that President Koroma does not engage in needless banter about other people.”

“Indeed, as President, if you take a complaint to him about somebody he will not necessarily dismiss you. He is obliged to listen to you . This is what Charles Margai may have misrepresented. President Koroma gave him his ears while he was complaining about the Attorney General, but it did not mean he supported his remarks. However, President Koroma is known to make busy on people who make it a habit to always go to him to gossip unnecessarily. Ask people who know him better to tell you about him. He does not encourage gossip.

By the way, why would President Koroma gossip about people he has the power to fire? He can use his presidential prerogative to take back his job from anyone if he is not satisfied with that person’s performance. Is he afraid of people serving him that he will gossip about them?” were the words of Babs-Kanu in the publication, Charles Margai is wrong about President Koroma.