In a bid to give an heroic home coming welcome, and to also demonstrate their passion, support and love for P.C Sheik Kandeh Abdulrahman Bangura (Kafoir 1) the people of Sanda Taindaren ranging from all ages and walks of life came out in thousand today 5th March 2022 to heartily welcome their father, son, mediator and the People’s leader Paramount Chief Kafoir 1.

The ceremony which was held at Tawheed & Seven Spikes Islamic Primary School, Sanda Taindaren, attracted thousands of Sandatonians and non-Sandatonians from the nook and cranny of Sanda. It was symbolic and filled with anxieties as the people were in their cultural attires honoring the traditionally and spiritually ordained leader.

Dr. Samura Kamara who hailed from that district was also in attendance to grace the occasion. During his laconic speech, Dr. Samura Kamara excessively thanked the people of Sanda Taindaren for their infinite love shown to their Paramount Chief. “The love you people have shown to P.C Kafoir 1 speaks volume of the trust , confidence and respect you have for your leader”. Dr. Samura Kamara maintained.

He further by pleading to P.C Kafoir 1 to be a compassionate and a family leader if he wants to succeed. He ended by adequately congratulating P.C Kafoir 1 and also encouraged the people to cooperate with their leader in order for the Chiefdom to succeed.

“I have no iota of doubt in you as your developmental legacies are boldly writing on the walls”. Dr. Samura concluded.

P. C Kafoir 1 thanked Dr. Samura Kamara for leaving his busy hours to show how deeply he cares for not only him but his Chiefdom and his people. He said , he will not disappoint his subjects as he has a very clean slate in terms of development and leadership. The programme was climaxed with melodious traditional songs and dance.