Sierra Leone, our motherland, our home. Since independence in 1961 she has suffered much turmoil, pestilences and tribulations, she has enjoyed the good and flowery moments too.

However, at 61 years we are a people yet to fully align with our culture, heritage and our nationalism. We have been blessed with rich clothings like the kontri klos, good local food and even some enviable culture and traditions, but we have let the down side of globalization entrap us. We prefer to identify with “accents”, imported clothings and even imported foreign wares. We have lost our sense of communism, of nationalism, patriotism and Sierra Leone-ism. For some of us it is due to no fault of ours, na wetin we born meet.

This is why as Sierra Leone clocks 61 in this 2022, the group JUWELE hereby launches the national heritage event called: MI ƐN MI KƆNTRI KLOS.

Mi Ɛn Mi Kɔntri Klos is an event that promotes national pride and unity as a people and a country. This event aims to celebrate the country’s resilience and shine a light on the Kɔntri Klos which is a symbol of our country and represents our history, culture and identity.
This event will take place on Saturday May 14th 2022 at De Code Lounge, Lumley Beach. Guests are encouraged to put on Kɔntri Klos to the event. The day will start at 12:00 pm with an exhibition of ready to use Kɔntri Klos outfits, headgears and a host of other locally made Kɔntri Klos accessories all at reasonable prices. This will be followed by the main event at 5:00 PM.

The day will be truly local content based with activities such as statements from the Ministry of Tourism and Culture and the Sierra Leone Local Content Agency and a key note address from Raymond De’Souza George Senior adviser and Ambassador of Heritage and Culture, Office of the President, spoken words on Sierra Leone, art session on; what does Sierra Leone mean to you? Karaoke on Sierra Leonean songs, Bubu dance, live band performance, live performance by sierra Leonean artistes and national trivia on Sierra Leone since independence. Local food and drinks will be available.

Organizers hope to revive national pride, unity and Sierra Leone-ism through this event.