The House of Parliament of Sierra Leone has commenced a two-day engagement with civil society organizations in the country at the New Brookfield’s Hotel in Sierra Leone.

The two-day engagement, which is supported by UNDP, is to build a mutual relationship between Parliament and CSOs in the country.

Themed “Building a healthy and mutually supportive relationship between Parliament and Civil Society Organization in Sierra Leone”, the dialogue aims at promoting public participation about the activities and functions of parliament.

On the importance of CSOs, Hon. Rosaline J.K. Smith stated that CSOs play key role in public education on the responsibilities of parliament, adding that Parliament should have a CSO Desk to strengthen the operations of CSOs in parliament.

The Leader of Government Business, Hon. Mathew Sahr Nyuma, expressed delight on behalf of Parliament, to work with CSOs in building an inclusive and democratic society, adding that CSOs have been instrumental in the development and amendment of laws in the country.

Mr. Abu Brima, speaking on behalf of CSOs, stated that Civil Society Organizations exist to hold government to account for effective and democratic governance in the country.

Mr. Brima noted that CSOs should not compromise their roles in society and should work independently to to promote good governance.