Many grassroots supporters of the ruling, Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) have expressed their frustration on the way and manner President Bio and other party stakeholders had abandoned them in the wilderness since the party took over the mantle of leadership in April, 2018.

According to some frustrated members of the Soja Team, they were allowed to stay in the party office constantly, but as soon as the party came in to governance, they were kicked out of the office with all sorts of molestation.
“We are waiting to see the SLPP politician who is going to attempt to use us to campaign for him or her”, they told Sierra Express Media and vowed that if things continue to get from bad to worse, they would be left with no option but to throw their supports behind the main opposition party, All Peoples Congress (APC).

According to the SLPP grassroots dissapointed supporters, they are still suffering like the days the party was in opposition because the stakeholders in the party are not generous and careless about the masses.

“This is the worst SLPP Government in our time”, they confessed and emphasized that, during the reign of late President Alhaji Ahmed Tejan Kabbah, the grassroots members of the party were commanding self respect and dignity, but President Bio era witnessed lot of human rights abuses within and outside the party.

The disgruntled youths claimed that they played an integral role during the height of the 2018 campaign trail until President Bio declared winner of what many described as the hottest and most fierced political race since independent.
After they had succeeded in clinching the power, the discouraged SLPP youths whispered this medium that President Bio and wife, Fatima Bio abandoned them permanently.

The SLPP youths further signalled that if President Bio and wife continue to abandon them with vulnerability, they would also going to isolate them to campaign for themselves and see the magic they were going to play to genuinely win the next general elections against their main contenders.
However, the angry youths are calling on vote controllers in the SLPP to do the right thing or else, they would ended up seeing themselves at a regretted wharf.