The Waterloo electricity project is reportedly underway and will be completed before 2023.

According to reports, Waterloo is going to have its own sub-station that will adequately cater for its residents.

In April 2019, the Vice President of Sierra Leone, Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh, revealed that the construction of one of the electricity substations in Waterloo will benefit surrounding communities, including Lumpa Town.

The people of Waterloo voted for President Julius Maada Bio for development and therefore under PAOPA, Waterloo must develop from President Bio’s Administration,” he stated.

Many rural villages, towns and cities in Sierra Leone struggle with access to adequate electricity to meet their needs. Women and girls can be especially empowered by access to electricity in remote communities.

Last year the Government of Sierra received a $78 million credit from the Indian Government for the for the construction of a 225kva Double Circuit 66kv multi circular electricity transmission line that would bring power from the CLSG line to the Western Area as well as other areas like Lunsar, Kambia, Port Loko and Waterloo.

Minister of Energy, Alhaji Kanja Sesay, said the project will have far-reaching positive effects on the country’s power transmission and distribution of electricity across the country.

WAPCOS – a company from India won the contact for the project and will be based in Sierra Leone for the entire duration of the project.

WAPCOS Limited Chief Engineer, Muthyala Manoj Kumar, said his company is happy to have been awarded the contract and assured that the company will complete the project on time.