As the battle continues between Rap Gee and Boss La, the hit maker, Rap Gee has replied to Boss La after he received a blast from the rapper.

One week ago, Boss La released a controversial ‘complain’ song featuring Arkman, Itribe and Rap Gee. However, Rap Gee in a Facebook live video on Tuesday denied recording the song claiming He was drunk and deceived by the RFM rapper.

Shortly after the live video, Boss La posted a screenshot of Rap Gee’s post where he claimed the singer shared the teaser of the controversial song “Complain” few months ago.

However, Rap Gee has come out to debunk the screenshots shared by Boss La claiming it is not his real post. He also claimed that the post has been edited.


The singer shared the screenshot of Boss La’s post and his original post to differentiate them. On his post, the singer insisted that the rapper edited the original post. He insulted Boss La for being selfish.

“Go Dae Edit En Gii People Fake Post You Nor Go Able Put Dong Me Career You Nar Witch Man Nar Dis Industry Selfish Interest Nigga Nar God Go Pay You Leh We Dae Go Normore #The_Godzilla”, Rap Gee wrote.

Speculations are high as to how Rap Gee became drunk and was not aware that the freestyle he was giving will be recorded and released as a song.

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Observers are also pointing out that the singer may be trying to withdraw himself from the song because he is collaborating with the First Lady of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Fatima Bio on the sharing of pads.

According to Rap Gee, releasing political songs will destroy his music career and the fan base he has built for the past years. In that case, he does not want to release any political song. Sierraloaded will continue to monitor as the drama unfolds.