Big doubts continue to pour in to whether President Maada will run as Flag-Bearer for 2023 elections continue to pour in at every tick of the clock .

Many SLPP members were shocked after President Bio was surreptitiously elected as presidential candidate for next year’s elections in a sham convention in Bo city.

The standard bearer election which took place in December, last year. was, according to SLPP stalwarts, illegal to the core as no platform was created for many potential aspirants to sell their policies, ideologies and policies to the voters. Bio went unopposed after he was nominated by SLPP Chairman, Dr Prince Harding.

The convention was also illegal as the conference was not meant for the election of a presidential candidate but the election of the chairman and other officers of the party.

SLPP stalwarts who hold positions in government could not oppose for fear of reprisals from President Bio. Most SLPP members have intimated this press that they are preparing to fight, but the fight will start after parliament is dissolved.

With the dissolution of parliament, Bio will no longer be powerful as he Is now.

He will become a shadow President, and that is the time, many opponents will show up and hit hard to democratise SLPP. A strong SLPP member has told this press that he would fight Bio in the court next year to the last point. He hopes to get justice at all cost since Bio will find it difficult to influence the court at that time. But, a diasporan, Stephen Sahr Mambu could not be intimated by the powers that be .He has started a legal battle which no one knows where it would bend.

He told Night watch that his lawyers are filling the papers to take President Bio to Court, and hope to get justice remain very high.As a confident as he is, Mambu hopes to win the Flag-Bearer elections if allowed to run with Bio in a free and fair encounter.

The Potential Flagbearer has big plans for Sierra Leone if he became president of Sierra Leone through the ballot box. His key foreign policy is to work with Britain and the nation of Israel. Mambu went on to explain that Sierra Leone , to a large extent, inherited policies of the British government.