The Greatest Beneficiaries of The Selection Clause in The APC Party of Yesterday Become The Reformers of Today

“Wonders Shall never ends” the gallantry soldiers in the fight for liberation and reformation in the APC party today were the celebrants of yesterday’s selection clause.

One may want to ask what went wrong amongst the pairs (the awards and the awardees) of the selection clause? Well, one school of thoughts may conclude that politics of deceitful is at it highest peak.

A lot has been said about liberation, reformation, democratizing the APC party and so on and so forth. But I keep on asking this question, how honest and genuine the master planners and the foot-soldiers of this loudly fight were?

I have a mixed feelings about the glorious slogan of the reformers and liberators “For God and Country”. The rest of Mankind witness the infamous infighting among the reformers themselves. Accusations and counter accusations of promoting self-interest, vendetta and the like within the reforming circle became prominent to a point where a re-emergence of another reforming group emerged.

What confused me the most, is the early declarations of interest to key positions in the party by certain reformers among their various disputed groups. Yet we didn’t see any public pronouncement by the leaders in condemning such act. This speak volumes of the fact that they were seeking for self-interest rather than for God and Country.

Now the rest of the world is closely watching to see who Alfred Peter Conteh will select to represent him in the twenty-one man committee having clearly stated in his audio that no individual(s) with vendetta, dishonesty will be a member of the committee from his side.

Well, to put Alfred P. Conteh on a safeguard position, the likes of Hon. Ibrahim R. Bundu former Majority Leader in the House of Representatives representing constituency 052 then, doesn’t meet the said requirements. For all I know, Hon. Ibrahim R. Bundu has a personal grievances against former President Koroma, Dr. Samura Kamara, Amb. Osman F. Yanssaneh, Minkailu Mansaray, Hon. Chernor M. Bah, Chief Alhaji Sam Sumana. Hon. Ibrahim Bundu doesn’t even know what he wants. We have heard him vying for the flagbear of the party and now the position of Chairman and Leader of the party. This has clearly shown how dishonest he is. Bringing him to be a member of the 21-man committee doesn’t work in conformity with your aired audio.

Hon. Bundu is one of the greatest beneficiary of the now talked about SELECTION CLAUSE. He couldn’t have succeeded in his first appearance for the award of APC symbol in that part of the country in the first place. Let alone to re-elect him for second term.

I want to applaud every Apcian from top to bottom to accept the reforms. In fact, in my opinion, it’s a plus on our side. It will pave the way for a higher level of commitment among comrades vying for positions. Elections within the party will compelled any intending Comrade aspiring for position to do his or her assignment very well.
I am sure no one is afraid of elections in the party. Let us talk less now and concentrate on implementation of actions that will give us a quick answer to our challenges in the party.

I was privileged to discussing with elderly persons days ago. I was asked to briefly explained the characters of the following people;
Hon. Alpha Kanu, Sylvia, Hon. Kemoh, Hon. Chernor Bah and Hon. Ibrahim Bundu. I told them that I know their characters but then explaining their characters will be an addendum to my audio below.

Hon. Ibrahim Bundu is one of the architecture of all the bad plans and wrong advice given to Former President Koroma. Pa Ernest, trusted him so much that he listened to him in everything he brings up to him.

I will challenge him to come out publicly and debunk my statement if he dares to. He has no other reason than what I have said*

Critics may want to argue that I am saying all of this because of personal issues. That’s not the case. I am just saying the truth nothing else but the whole truth. I agreed that we have personal issues but those issues are meant to be discussed in Gbinti not in public.

What we need at this point in time, is the honest truth. And that is what I have demonstrated for the general good of our beloved APC party and the country as a whole.

Promoters of democracy of any kind should not rely on vendetta and grievances. We must stand by the dictates of democratic principles.



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