Stealing of U$500,000, Judges May Grant Bail to Convicted Criminal Randa Skeiky Over Health Issues

There seems to be some disagreements among the the Judges of the Court of Appeal relating to the Application filed by Lawyer Pa Momoh Fofanah for bail pending Appeal on behalf of his client, however the three Judges would meet today to determine the possibility of granting bail pending Appeal or to reject it.

But indications are that the issue remain complex one and the possibility for the convicted criminal Randa Skeiky to jump bail and escape the borders of Sioms Leone is evidently clear.

This is not the first time that convicted criminals have used the bail pending Appeal approach to escape to freedom, and Randa Skeiky may be no exception. When the Judges meet today at the Court of Appeal, it would be clear on their faces that not all of them would want to grant the Application, but political pressure continues to mount on them, both from Parliament and State House. From the Office of the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Sources say telephone calls to the Judges have been inundated, clearly referencing the undisputable fact that the Judges giving freedom to act reasonably and within the scope of the Iaw.

If bail is granted today to the convict and the next day the judges learned that the convict has escaped the Jurisdiction of Sierra Leone the question that concerned Sierra Leoneans would ask is why was she granted hail when the consequences are clearly evident, will only be responded to by the Judges that granted the Application for bail pending Appeal.

It would be recalled that after a protracted legal battle between the Plaintiff, Alie Abess represented by the Law Officers Department and Randa Skeiky represented by Lawyer Pa Momoh Fofarah, the trial Judge, Justice Momoh Jah Stevens found the Defendant guilty of the offences charged and was sentenced to a custodial term of six years to run concurrently.

Since Randa Skeiky was sentenced to jail, her legal representative, Lawyer Pa Momoh Fofanah has been running helter skelter, reportedly knocking doors of Judges and making telephone calls to Politicians, all in an effort to solicit sympathy for his client and for political pressure to be mounted on the Judges. It would appear that he is gradually succeeding with the strategies and if the Judges succumb to pressure, Lawyer Pa Momoh Fofanah would celebrate his effort when the Application would have bet granted. In the eyes of Pa Momoh Fofanah a Defence Attomey, his client is not guilty of the offence and as a result of that she
should regain her freedom.

He would want the world to know about that and when his Application for bail granted, he would send signal to the world, indicating that what be told the world about his client has been proven correct

Another effort made by Randa Skeikys the lawyer was when he lobbied Doctor i
ubbala on claims that his client is suffering from a terrible condition that is unconnected with cancer, he therefore a wanted the Medical Doctor to corroborate his claim, which he will use to appeal to the conscience of the Judges to grant his client bail pending Appeal. He was taking aback when the medical report of Dr Hubballa came out after a thorough medical examination was conducted on the convicted criminal

The Medical Doctor wrote based on the ultra sound result meanwhile at counseling was done and patient advised on compliance of are bronchodilator inhaler.


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