The alarming rate at which mammoth supporters and top ranking executive stakeholders unprecedentedly trashing their love and loyalty for the All People’s Party (APC), in replacement for President Bio’s reformed Sierra Leone’s People’s Party (SLPP) across the country, has been critically and clinically perceived by seasoned political pundits as a catastrophic political tsunami for the APC.
Such political defection tsunami is going to negatively impact the chances of the All People’s Congress Party in the June 24th 2023 elections. It is unarguable that major asset for a successful political party is its unshakable support base which the APC has significantly lost over the years.

The prima facie reasons for the unfashionable decline of the All People’s Congress Party popularity contest, and support base even within their self-acclaimed stronghold, is as a result of President Bio’s inclusive developmental progress in the North-West Regional. President Julius Maada also dispelled the erroneous notion that his administration is regionally bias through the incorporation of senior Stakeholders and even former ministers of the APC into his administration and the Sierra Leone People’s Party in general. Pragmatic examples of those individuals are Alhaji Alpha Kanu, former minister and Hon. Victor Bockaries Foh, former Vice President of the Republic of Sierra Leone.

It has become a tuneful music hearing massive declaration in support and endorsement of President Julius Maada Bio’s re-elections. Such declarations have been happening like a torrential rainfall across the territorial enclave of Sierra Leone.

Citizens have seen huge supporters and key stakeholders of the All People’s Congress Party and the Coalition for Change Party (C4C) in Kono, disowning both political parties and placing their allegiance and support for President Julius Maada Bio and the SLPP. Patriotic citizens have justified that Kono did what any other district would have done best by placing their allegiance and support for President Bio and the SLPP, due to the avalanche of developmental progress the New Direction Administration had taken to one of the most disadvantaged districts during former President Koroma’s Administration. For over three decades Kono District was in perpetual darkness. At last, the divine grace finally lavished and showered on Kono through President Bio’s magnanimous leadership in providing an uninterrupted electricity supply, ultra-modern University of Science and Technology among others for Kono District.

The nauseating track records of the APC’s Presidential candidate with regards to misappropriation of public funds, coupled with tribal and regional biases and sentiment of the APC Party in particularly, especially in the composition of their just selected executive Members, added insult to injury.

These also caused an alarming defection from the APC to SLPP. The three judge-led Commissions of Inquiry which was legalized and legitimized by the Fifth Parliament of the Second Republic of Sierra Leone, provided adequate evidence that Dr. Samura Kamara was grossly engaged in misappropriation of public funds and state graft. That COI ruling which is tantamount to a High Court Judgement, is currently ongoing at the High Court pending judgement. Except if the Bio Administration intends to use it high-mindedness to allow Dr. Samura Kamara to run for Presidency, but the legal authority has robbed off all privileges and opportunities to run for any Public Offices. Thus, so many contributing factors have hindered and reduced Dr. Samura Kamara and the APC’S chances in the June 24th 2023 elections to an infinitesimal stance.

The just entered into Strategic Alliance between the National Grand Coalition (NGC) and the SLPP further buried APC chances of winning the 2028 elections into a 100 FT below the ground not alone mention the already won 2023 elections. The reunion of Hon. Dr. Kandeh Yumkella and President Bio to form a Strategic Alliance, further shattered and battered the dreams of APC in assuming governance in the longest future.