Police in the Eastern District of Kono has fired teargas into All People’s Congress (APC) Samura Kamara’s convoy and supporters.

My convoy has just been teargassed by government troops.

“Government troops dressed in full war gear attacking unarmed civilians exercising their civic rights to rally on their allocated day in Kono,” Kamara twitted shortly after the incident.

He said he asked his supporters to be calm in reacting to the said attack.

This news surfaced in less than a day after Kamara’s running mate, Chernor Maju Bah is also reported to have been attacked in Kenema.

The APC Presidential candidate was in Kono on his campaign trail ahead of the 24 June polls.

Videos which surfaced on social media showed thousands of supporters thronging the streets of Koidu City to greet the main opposition Presidential Candidate.

Political analysts have said that Kono District is one of the few swing districts in the country.

With the phaseout of the district’s leading C4C party, both the SLPP and APC are looking to win the district.