The National Publicity Secretary of the All People’s Congress (APC) party Sidie Yaya Tunis has spoke on his party position after the June 24th, 2023 election.

During an interview with Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC), the country’s national television, Tunis was questioned about his party, the APC, and whether they are still advocating for a re-run of the June 24th, 2023, election. In reply, he affirmed that this has consistently been among their post-election demands and they intend to engage in discussions with the relevant authorities on the matter.

He said as a party they have their position, and the government also has theirs which may be met or not.

He continued that the APC is mostly concerned about making sure they address issues that will strengthen the country’s democracy, and secure its features, and Sierra Leoneans enjoy their fundamental rights.

He revealed that more than 200 of their party members are currently incarcerated. Furthermore, their organizing secretary from Bonthe was recently detained for purportedly making remarks against the president. Additionally, several members have fled the country in fear for their safety.

While asked about the backlog payment of boycotted APC members of parliament, he stated that his part has presented its proposal to the peace commission, adding that they should be concessional.