Leone Stars Team Manager Babadi Kamara has stated that he is constructing the 6,000 capacity Southern Arena so that when he dies people will remember him as a Sierra Leonean who stood by his  people and  did  something  great for his people and his nation.

Babadi who doubles as Bo Rangers Manger, Further  reveals that he is not assured  he would ever gets the money he is investing in this project. However, what is most important to him  is the happiness he will give to Sierra Leoneans. He beleives the happiness he will give to this country can never be quantified  in monetary terms.

The team Manager envisage Leone Stars to play and win at the Southern Arena as that will bring him joy.

The Southern Arena Stadium, a 6,000 capacity football stadium is currently under construction in the Southern headquarter town of Bo, Sierra Leone’s second capital. This is a massive venture undertaken by one of their own, the man who in 2019 came to rescue his hometown club Bo Rangers from possible liquidation and a demotion to the second-tier of the nation’s football League. He is Babadi Kamara.

Well, before 2019, the name Babadi Kamara was only a recognized by few mainly from the business community and in his home town of Bo. His  Presence in the mainstream football administration has been the biggest revelation in the beautiful game in Sierra Leone for decades. One of his footprints is the visible transformation of then Premier League strugglers Bo Rangers, to becoming title contenders and an enviable force in Sierra Leone football. His name now resonates well among football followers from old to young.

The announcement of the building of a clubhouse for Bo Rangers FC in 2020 was though thought by many as one of those bogus promises regularly made by those at the top in order to cajole fans for support. That deal when completed as was promised became a regular discussion not only by the football followers, but became a national talking point.

Bo Rangers Football Club as a District owned club has had all of these benefits and continue to get more with a very strong fan base, the country’s local league top players, a foreign coach and a hefty bank account.

Now, how massive is the Southern Arena Stadium project to the Sierra Leone Football Community? How will this help the SLFA and the Government of Sierra Leone in the coming months and years?

The 6,000 capacity stadium when completed will give Sierra Leone football a new look.  The city will instantly become an envy among other townships for regular weekend visitations. And above all, Kandeh Town, a not too fully harnessed locality in Bo where the stadium is located will become the new point of call for business attraction, and the locals are set for huge financial gain.

The Southern Arena by all standards when completed in the coming months, will not just be the best in Sierra Leone, but the best amongst others in the sub region with the latest modern facilities including electronic advertising board, the recent grade of artificial turf, a media tribune containing the needed accessories for journalists, a recreational area taking up to a thousand people, a VIP Lounge and restaurant, a football academy, enough parking spaces and a whole lots more. The stadium will have four main stands with two cover stands overlooking each other, while the open stands does same from each end.

The stadium will have four giant floodlight poles that will be erected across the four corners of the field to be superintended by a power station that will constantly supply power to the stadium during matches and events. Matches at the Southern Arena are expected to play at night.

In his words, Babadi Kamara explains his love for football during his school days which has transformed to see his dreams becoming a reality. He said his love for his country has given way for his current exploits for nation’s development.

Sierra Leone will start its 2023 AFCON Qualifiers in June, and with its only ground the Siaka Stevens Stadium undergoing renovation after a ban placed on it by CAF for inadequate facilities, the Southern Arena could be the new point of call for Leone Stars, and this will help SLFA and Government from the hassle involved to seek a home ground for the team in neighboring countries.