Reports reaching us after the Bo Rangers vs Bai Bureh Warriors match, allegedly accused Bo Rangers (fans and officials) of violent and unsportmanlike behaviors against Bai Bureh Warriors and the match officials.

On Saturday 19th February 2022, Bo Rangers Football Club hosted visitors Bai Bureh Warriors Football Club in the second leg of the ongoing Sierra Leone Premier League at the Bo Stadium, in a match that ended 2-1 in favour of Bo Rangers. The match was marred by spate of violence, intimidation and unsporting behaviors, as alleged.

Bo Rangers opened the scoreline in the early period of first half before an equalizer from Bai Bureh Warriors before halftime. Several incidences of violence, intimidation and unsportmanlike behaviors were reported after Warriors equalizer, leading up to Bo Rangers ‘controversial’ penalty winner in the second half.

Reports further mention the several anomalies that brought the match to a standstill as follows:

1. The referees were allegedly harassed, blocked and denied access to the dressing room at half time by Bo Rangers fans and officials. They remain standing in the pitch till the end of the halftime recess, and proceeded to commence the second half of play.

2. The Chairman of Bo Rangers, who also doubles as the Team Manager of Leone Stars, Mr. Babadi Kamara stand accused of attacking and intimidating the referees, to the extent that the central Referee Mohamed Jalloh shown him a red card. It was further reported that Babadi ignored the red card and refused to leave the field, and stayed to the end of the match.

3. It was also reported that the Referee also red carded the Bai Bureh Warriors Goalkeeper, John S. Kamara, it was later withdrawn by the Referee. Some reports indicated that Babadi Kamara instructed the Referee to withdraw the red card, others say it was the Match Commissioner, Prince Sa’Quee who instructed the withdrawal of the red card awarded to Warriors goalkeeper.

4. It was also reported that missiles were thrown at Bai Bureh Warriors players. A filled water bottle also hit a Bai Bureh Warriors player, Aiah Briwa, who was rushed out for medical.

5. The match was reportedly stopped on two occasions, at both halves.

The reported incidences of hooliganism and unsporting behavior were too much in one match, and if proven to be true, each one of them violates football rules and attracts severe penalties, from match forfeiture, banning of officials/perpetrators and match venue, suspension of actors, fines, etc.

Some journalists, spectators and even match officials have confirmed the most of the reported incidences. Footages on social media also show scenes of the acts.

Bai Bureh Warriors, through their Media Department has put out a message on the said incidences, Bo Rangers are yet to respond.

Without prejudice into the conduct of Bo Rangers, who have a long history of violence in the Sierra Leone Premier League, the repeated occurrence of same is as a result of the Premier League Board leniency or approach to ensure discipline in the league. This is the Sierra Leone Premier League, the country’s top-flight league, not an amateur league.

This has the tendency to sow seeds of discontent in upcoming matches if the PLB fail to take actions. ‘Fair Play’ is a core value of the game.

Source: Vertex Media