Today’s game in Makeni between the champions of Sierra Leone Premier League, East End Lions aka The Killers and the lead team in the Premier League table, Bo Rangers will be a very interesting match full with fireworks and also a very bad day for Musa Tombo.

It could be recalled that the number one attacker who doubles as Best Player for Bo Rangers, Musa Noah Kamara aka Musa Tombo continues to maintain his title as highest goal scorer in the past and current FA league and he will be playing against his biological Uncle, Saidu Musa Bangura aka Jones who coincidentally is also the most talented defender for East End Lions aka The Killers; a team which Musa Tomba played for and left for Bo Rangers.

A family member, Alhaji Dauda Musa Bangura said: “Today’s game will see get fireworks and dramatic drama for the fact that uncle and son from the same family would be playing on different sides against each other! Wow! It is intrinsically clear that they both grew up in the same house  and slept in the same room.

“They know and understand each other’s skills, strengths and  weak points. Therefore, this match is definitely going to be a very interesting one.”