For the first time in the history of Sierra Leone football, two official matches have registered the highest ever scorelines in Kenema and Kono on Sunday.

The Hilarious results in the Super 10 Eastern Region left many Sierra Leoneans in state of huge surprise.

Gulf FC 91 Ququima Lebanon 1
Kahunla Rangers 95 Lumbebu United 0

Before going in to this Match both teams (Kahunla Rangers from Kenema and Gulf FC from Kono were tied on 32 points each) but Gulf were ahead by a goal difference and they were fighting for the second spot to immediately give them a chance to qualify for the Premier League Playoff for the East to Join Freetown FC.

Kahunla Rangers sent spies to Kono while Gulf FC sent spies to Kenema to report on happenings to them directly.

Gulf FC were leading first half by 7-1 while Kahunla Rangers were leading first half by just 2-0…But going into the second 45 Minutes, the situation becomes worrisome.

Lumbebu United were red carded but the red card came after more than 30 goals have been scored in Kono, the centre referee refused to officiate the second 45 minutes because of fear as he knew it has been fixed.

It was purely on District basis as both District were trying to prove their supremacy.

Staggeringly, Gulf FC dismantled Koquima Lebanon by 91 goals to -1 whilst Kahunla Rangers smashed Lumbebu United by 95 goals to nil in Eastern Region Organized Super Ten Competition

Both Kahunla Rangers and Gulf FC we’re on 32 Points in the Second and third respectively, hence the team with the better goal difference qualifies for the premier league national playoffs.

However, it is still not clear how such goals were achieved without match fixing