Leone Stars Forward Mohamed Noah Kamara, popularly known as Musa Tombo has safely arrived in Libya ahead of his move to Libyan football club, Al-lttihad Tripoli, commonly named Al-lttihad.

Few weeks ago rumour of Musa’s transfer to Libyan football club surfaced the web. This was good news when it was heard by his fans until it was later debunked of the rumour being fake. When the screenshot chats of Musa’s wife, Hawa Tombo chatting with different agents on behalf of Musa possibly,  and Bo Rangers football  club, they showed that, Hawa was up to something behind the scene for Musa’s transfer from Bo Rangers FC.

The player whose contract with the Elephants of Bo, Bo Rangers football club was a talk of the town for football loving fans of Musa. There were misconceptions and condemnation over the Board’s decision on the player. After this incident, another press statement was released later on banning Musa from all community leagues in Sierra Leone.

It came as a surprise to many of us who knew of the transfer rumour which was debunked to be fake to have proven to be true after days it surfaced the web. Despite those behind the scene trying to make it a secret since the player was still having contract with his former team, Bo Rangers, It is a good news for the player who is going through a lot over these days, the transfer deal is to be sealed when he passed his test in time to come with the Libyan football club, Al-Lttihad including medical.

Musa Tombo’s travel to Libya is to go on a rigorous tests which include, medical test before he will be officially unveiled by the team as an official player.

Al-Ittihad Sport, Cultural & Social Club famously known as Al-Ittihad Tripoli, or simply Al-Ittihad, is a Libyan football club based in Bab Ben Gashier, Tripoli, Libya. They have won the Libyan Premier League 19 times, the Libyan Cup 7 times and the Libyan SuperCup 10 times.