The Chairman of the Sierra Leone Cricket Association (SLCA), Francis Trevor Samura, and the Cricket Development Coordinator for Southern Region, Salia Eric Kamson Kamara, are among 20 tutors in Africa certified by the ICC to conduct ICC recognized Cricket Coaching Level 1 course and to certify successful candidates.

All 20 members have been granted access to the ICC EdApp and can now begin to conduct and supervise the ICC level 1 coaching courses in the respective countries, in conjunction with the national governing body (NGB).
With the help of members of the ICC, the training is part of the ICC Training and Education Framework.

And itโ€™s aimed at supporting the development of trained tutors who are equipped and accredited to deliver relevant courses and accredit their participants.
According the Sierra Leone Cricket Association (SLCA), the four-week ICC orientation/ training programme, which has ushered in this new crop of trainers, took place in June 2022.

The ICC will hold a tutorial session for all the ICC Coach Tutors on how to effectively utilize the ICC EdApp on Tuesday 23rd August 2022. The session will be conducted by Callum Davis from the ICC