As humanity works overtime to scrub off the scent of pandemic era which rampaged the entertainment industry and threatened a devastating resurgence, we’ve all witnessed a boom in outdoor activities globally and in Sierra Leone.

Entertainers and musicians are not left out of this and have doubled down to create soundtracks to support the wave and thanks to this, we’ve had a sonically hotter year, with the airwaves taken captive by banger tracks after banger tracks.

Last year 2021, Sierraloaded started the Hottest Artiste List, an undiluted run down of the Artistes that shaped, defined and led music among Sierra Leonean consumers throughout the year.

This list underscores the entertainers who scored the biggest hits, tours, mega moves on the local and international scene, the award winners, and in general, the people we’ve listened and danced to for the past 12 months

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Rap Gee – #6

“Dis Game Get Yagba, If You Nor Able Pul Hand “. If you’re a Salone music fan, and you haven’t found yourself singing this line while exuding swagger in your own little way, you’re not a true fan.

Now dubbed the Yagba Jangz, Rap Gee has created a solid niche for himself through uptempo Afro-Amapiano, fusing his inimitable accent with trap, bashment, Grime, and Afrobeats to create a sound that encapsulates the melting pot of Sierra Leone’s party life.

It’s been an upward climb for Eastern Kartel prodigy in the last couple years as his name continues to ascend the ranks of mainstream artistes’ in Sierra Leone. And this explains why He is making his second appearance on the Hottest Artiste List in Sierra Leone on the 6th spot in 2022 compared to 12th in 2021.

From the far east, Rap Gee further established himself as one of the finest hip-hop acts in country with the release of wild growing dance hall songs like “Dis Game Yagba”, “High me Now”, “Man Dem” featuring Akrish & Jaaja Horace and “Party Time” which are among DJ favorites across pubs, clubs and streets across Sierra Leone.

Performance-wise, Rap Gee has graced several musical stages in Sierra Leone, Australia and beyond including AYV Season 3 Finale, Bo town Palace Night Club Plaza amongst others.


Rap Gee’s review cannot be complete if we fail to mention his strong relationship with the first Lady of Sierra Leone, Dr. Fatima Jabbe Bio. Though he has performed in several government sponsored programs, Rap Gee has disassociated himself from being a politician.