From the report gathered it has been alleged that the management of Al-Sheefa Arab Clinics at Circular Road Freetown and other parts of the country had allegedly employed an unqualified fellow Egyptian Pharmacist and underpaying untrained female workers.

According to investigations, the management of the said clinics didn’t only refuse to name the Egyptian Pharmacist for reasons believed to be a hidden agenda for personal aggrandizements or gains.

Speaking to one of the female workers she explains how she was employed as an undergraduate nurse by the management of the Al-Sheefa Arab Clinic since 2020 but she was still receiving below minimum wage until her recent dismissal from one of the much-talked-about clinics.

This is completely against the Sierra Leone Labour laws and international best practices. According to investigations, the management of the clinic later decided to employ a qualified Guinean Doctor with over ten years of experience.

The unqualified Egyptian imported doctor didn’t allow the qualified black Guinean doctor of performing his professional job.
Meaning, that after the qualified Guinean doctor had issued a medical prescription to a sick person, the unqualified Egyptian doctor would then change the prescription issued by the certified African doctor and issued the medical prescription made by the said untrained Egyptian pharmacist to seriously sick people.

Furthermore, other reports said a result of the abnormal treatment regularly administered to patients under the administration of the said Egyptian pharmacists, patients are complaining of various complications after going through treatment because the unqualified Egyptian pharmacist practice had allegedly impacted negatively to have on the health of sick people, especially women and girls.

Despite the issue of marginalizing female nurse employees, the clinic was further accused of not working by the set aside rules and regulations of the Ministry of Health and Sanitation as to how a private clinic should be operated.

It was also discovered that the management of the clinic is overworking some female employees with the assertion that they are not qualified medical practitioners but are employed only to serve as caretakers, which means that since the clinic can’t afford to hire the service of qualified doctors to run the clinic, they prefer to employed untrained doctors and nurses just to maintain their habit of underpaying and overworking citizens in the name of employment.

The most disheartening issue is that this said clinic usually sacks workers without end-of-service benefits, not to talk about NASSIT subscription for workers.
It was also reported that the management of the clinic has questions to answer about the implementation of Goods and Service Tax (GST) obligation and had immigration issues with foreign employees and end-of-service benefits for sacked workers to settle.

Report also revealed that the management of the clinics lacks respect for local employees.

Speaking on behalf of the clinic, the supervisor Mr. Ahamed confirms that he represented the Arab Clinic accepting that he employed the crying female workers who had served the company for over eight months consequently.

This so-called unqualified Sierra Leonean nurse was transferred to the Model Clinic as an experienced secretary.