The Chairman of AWOL Global, Ambassador Anthony Navo Jr., addressed attendees at the Annual Awards ceremony held in London, reaffirming AWOL’s commitment to supporting the Government and people of Sierra Leone in their ongoing nation-building endeavors.

The event, organized to recognize outstanding achievements, also served as an occasion to extend congratulations to His Excellency President Dr. Julius Maada Bio and the individuals who actively participated in the 2023 elections.

Taking place at the prestigious Royal Regency Banqueting Suite on 501 High Street North, Manor Park, London over the weekend, the Annual Awards event witnessed Ambassador Navo Jr. emphasizing AWOL’s dedication to complementing the efforts of the Sierra Leonean Government and its citizens. The institution, known for its active role in promoting development and unity, expressed its heartfelt congratulations to President Julius Maada Bio on his successful re-election and extended best wishes for his second term. Additionally, AWOL recognized the achievements of all the winners announced by the Electoral Commission for Sierra Leone (EC-SL), including the esteemed re-elected Mayor of Freetown, Madam Yvonne Aki-Sawyer.

In his address, Ambassador Navo Jr. proudly acknowledged the AWOL members who contested various positions in the June 24 public elections in Sierra Leone. Hon. Chernor R. M. Bah, Mohamed Gento Kamara, Kweku M. S. Lisk Esq., and Majid Aminu were commended for their valiant efforts. Despite differences, biases, and prejudices, Ambassador Navo Jr. highlighted AWOL as the convergence hub where Sierra Leoneans unite and collaborate for the greater interest of their nation.

During the event, Ambassador Navo Jr. underscored the significance of AWOL’s global outreach and impact. He showcased the establishment of AWOL Chapters in various parts of the world, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Europe, and Australia. Notably, the AWOL movement is also expanding in Africa, with the imminent launch of The Gambia’s own AWOL Chapter. Ambassador Navo Jr. hailed the uniqueness of the AWOL brand, which not only unites Sierra Leoneans but also provides an invaluable platform for giving back to the beloved country, fostering the development of role models, and inspiring a positive mindset.

Reflecting on AWOL’s remarkable journey, Ambassador Navo Jr. underscored its enduring presence since its official launch in 2001 by the late revered President Dr. Ahmed Tejan Kabbah. AWOL stands as a testament to its resilience and longevity, distinguishing it as one of the few local and international development organizations in Sierra Leone. Ambassador Navo Jr. expressed confidence that AWOL has the potential not only to persist indefinitely but also to contribute significantly to the sustainable development of the country.

Stressing the collective ownership of AWOL by the people of Sierra Leone, Ambassador Navo Jr. emphasized that AWOL’s custodianship is transient, with future generations slated to carry on the institution’s invaluable work and ideals. This realization evoked a sense of pride in Ambassador Navo Jr., who recognized AWOL’s establishment as a force for the betterment of all Sierra Leoneans.

Despite challenges faced by AWOL in Sierra Leone since the prestigious National Achievement Awards in 2019, Ambassador Navo Jr. remained resolute in his determination to overcome obstacles. He announced the eagerly awaited return of the National Achievement Awards later this year in December, showcasing AWOL’s unwavering commitment to recognizing excellence and fostering growth.

In addition to the Awards, AWOL demonstrated its dedication to social responsibility by organizing the feeding of homeless children in Makeni, the Northern District’s headquarters,