The newly elected Bo City Council Mayor has rehabilitated the Bo Cemetery Building to help complement the effort of the workers.

His worship Kobba Musa on Monday 14th August 2023, handed over the rehabilitated building at the cemetery to the waste management department for use by the cemetery workers.

Mayor Kobba Musa, in the handing over ceremony, said that the rehabilitated building was part of his plans when campaigning for the mayoral seat of the Bo city council. He maintained that the people who are working at the cemetery are human beings therefore, they need better shelter that will motivate them to do good work.

He said, “This rehabilitated building project was part of my plan even when I was campaigning for the party symbol. Now that I have been elected mayor, I want to fulfill my manifesto plans“.

He continued by informing the Press that the cemetery will be brushed before August month ends this year. He also presented Shovels to the cemetery workers.

His worship disclosed that the restoration work was funded by his friends, noting he and his deputy Hawa Campbell went out to look for help.

He vowed to the staff and the people of Bo City his commitment and they will rebuild the lost glory of Bo City.

He regurgitated that the council that the Bo City Council will proceed with giving backing to the cemetery workers for useful service.

Mayor Kobba Musa on Monday, 14 August 2023 officially took duty as mayor of Bo City, after an inauguration ceremony for mayors, chairmen, and councilors of local councils in the South at the Galliness Paradise Hotel in Bo last week.

The Acting Chief Administrator of Bo city council thanked Mayor Kobba and his deputy for their endeavors to rehabilitate the graveyard building, remarking that the council will take full duty for to upkeep of the building.

Henry Powell called on the cemetery staff to use the building for its intended purpose.

Receiving the tools, the head of the cemetery, Pa. Blake said that he is happy to receive the rehabilitated building from the mayor and working tools. He described the mayor as a “Tok en do leader” who goes by his words.

Pa. Blake said he had worked at the Bo cemetery for 29 years. He said he loved his work. Pa. Blake said when the building was dilapidated the staff would rush to the C.K.C school to get shelter when it was raining. He guaranteed the mayor and team that they will do their best to retain the cemetery as it is a resting place for all.

The presentation of the rehabilitated facility ended the ceremony.